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Noriba, as a software development company, a service provider for design, implemention, integration and testing, is currently looking for engineers matching following requirements and skills:

Last update: 2017-12-27

171227: SW Test Engineer for Signal Generators

Job Type: Permanent
Location: Munich/Europe
Start Date: asap
Duration: long term
Reference: 171227
Graduate possible: no
JobSpec: 171227.pdf, apply now!


  • Development, maintenance and support of various automated test systems for vector signal generators using various T&M devices like spectrum analysers and oscilloscopes.
  • Regular Test analysis, tracking and report as well as support of the development team with failure reproduction
  • Preparation of test protocols for official software releases
  • Optimization of the test system with scripting (Jenkins, Perl) and in regard to test time, stability and maintenance effort
  • Testcase development and improvement for baseband applications such GSM, LTE, Avionics, GNSS, Radar


171030: LTE/WCDMA Protocol Tester Level 2 Application Engineer

Job Type: Permanent
Location: Munich/Europe
Start Date: 01.06.2017
Duration: long term
Reference: 171030
Graduate possible: no
JobSpec: 171030.pdf, apply now!


  • Support of R&S CMWtools (Cards, Mars, Installer)
  • Support of R&S protocol-testing solution for LTE, WCDMA, GSM and WLAN
  • General R&S CMW500 protocol test equipment customer support and troubleshooting (e.g. installation, software update, automation of DUT and test equipment, licensing, protocol testing software applications, logging tools, monitoring tools, ...)
  • Support test sessions / product evaluation with customers
  • Training to local R&S application engineers or customers
  • Be a primary support contact for R&S local field application engineers


171009: Groovy Developer for SW Release & Test

Job Type: Permanent
Location: München
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: long term
Reference: 171009
Graduate possible: no
JobSpec: 171009.pdf, apply now!


We are looking for an experienced Software Release & Test Engineer using Groovy, Green Stream on Jenkins. Responsibilities:
  • Enhance the automation of the software build environment and test automation (Jenkins)
  • Synchronization/Green Stream approach for streams/branches
  • Creation of software build and installation packages
  • Automation of release notes, change, version and dependency information together with the SW distribution
  • Automation of simulation and smoke tests


170924: LTE C++ MLAPI Developer

Job Type: Permanent
Location: München
Start Date: 01.11.2017
Duration: long term
Reference: 170924
Graduate possible: no
JobSpec: 170924.pdf, apply now!


We are looking for a LTE Protocol Stack and C++ SW Developer having experience with R&S CMW500 MLAPI (Medium-Level Application Programming Interface for mobile communication). Main tasks:
  • Documentation of libraries and framework in the source code
  • Using the COSIMA editorial system for the documentation test scenarios part of the CMW R&D packages
  • Creating a release note document describing known issues as well as an upgrade guide for the common libraries.
  • Execution of automated test scenarios in the Jenkins Continuous integration environment.
  • The implementation shall be in line with the MLAPI Scenarios Best Practices and Coding Guide


170531: SW Integrator

Job Type: Permanent
Location: München
Start Date: 01.07.2017
Duration: long term
Reference: 170531
Graduate possible: no
JobSpec: 170531.pdf, apply now!


Zum 1.7.2017 benötigen wir einen Softwareentwickler Integrationsexperte (m/w):
  • Betrieb, Wartung, Dokumentation und Erweiterung einer Jenkins basierten Continuous Integration-Toolchain und der nötigen Infrastruktur
  • Teamübergreifende Optimierung und Vereinheitlichung der Unittest-Infrastruktur
  • Monitoring der laufenden Framework- und Produktrelease-Prozesse
  • Spezifikation und Realisierung von Arbeitspaketen für Erweiterungen der Integration-Toolchain mit Jenkins
  • Proaktives Einbringen von Verbesserungen in den Integrationsprozess
  • Migration der SW Projekte von ClearCase nach RTC/Git und Jenkins
  • Verwaltung der Projekte in RTC bzw. Git


170116: System Administrator

Job Type: Freelancer
Location: Unterschleißheim
Start Date: 01.02.2017
Duration: 6 Monate
Reference: 170116
Graduate possible: no
JobSpec: 170116.pdf, apply now!


Zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt benötigen wir externe Unterstützung in Unterschleißheim als System Administrator (m/w).
  • Analyse, Design, Konzeption und Realisierung von Client-/Server-Architekturen
  • Design und Implementierung von MS Windows 2008 R2/Windows 2012
  • SW Konfigurationen auf dem Server und Client
  • Einrichten von einem neuen Windows Server:
  • - Beratung
  • - Zusammenfassung von Features (LDAP, VPN Möglichkeiten usw.)
  • - Server Infrastruktur
  • - Optimale HW Lösung
  • - Virtuelle Maschinen (Windows, Linux)
  • - SCM Systeme installieren
  • - Inzident-tracking Systeme installieren
  • Server Backup: Integration und Wartung



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